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Here are some reviews of works by Gareth Glyn that are available on CD....

Anglesey Seascapes - on British String Miniatures 2 (ASV White Line WHL 2136)

Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by Gavin Sutherland

          "Some gorgeous melodies..." (Classical Music Web)

"I greatly enjoyed [these pieces, which are] positively replete with melodies and boisterous good humour" (Classical Net Review)

"...colourful and varied..." (International Record Review)

"...nostalgic, tender and delicate..." (Abeille-Musique, France)

"neat and sweet.....offers considerable enjoyment.." (Fanfare Magazine, USA)

"...a delightful discovery..." (Classic FM Magazine - selecting the disc as Compilations Best Buy)

A Snowdon Overture - on British Light Overtures 2 (ASV White Line WHL 2137)

Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by Gavin Sutherland

          "Gareth Glyn's appealing A Snowdon Overture displays charm and lyricism" (Journal Into Melody)

"Bravo!" (International Record Review)

"Gareth Glyn's accomplished Snowdon Overture" (BBC Music Magazine)

Prynwch y rhain! Buy these!

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